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The LangLion Platform helps you to control all of the daily tasks at your language school.

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Check out what you can achieve thanks to the LangLion Platform.

The modular structure of LangLion is not only convenient for a director, but also for students, teachers, and office employees.


Lower administration expenses


Reduce costs - manage your language school by using one system.


Save time, reduce your paperwork


Improve your administration responsibilities thanks to our automatic scheduling system and convenient payroll tools.


Build positive relations


Contact your students at any time, send them scores, and inform them about changes in the schedule.


Inform your students with one click


Inform the whole group about canceled classes or a change in the schedule with e-mails or SMS messages.

One system - all the areas covered

LangLion is a Platform that helps you to organize your work more efficiently: from office tasks, financial control, sharing files and evaluating students, through online lessons. LangLion covers it all.

Save time

Automatically and comfortably schedule lessons, group your students, assign teachers and search for free classrooms.

Build strong relationships

At any time contact your students; you don't have to be at your office. Check attendance, share test scores and class details.

Predict the future

Analyze your volume of sales, check profitability of particular courses, monitor teachers' efficiency.

Broaden your market and teach online

Teach online, at any time and place. Share your camera, audio and a virtual whiteboard.

Take care of your money

In a blink of an eye, charge your customers, pay your teachers, issue online invoices and supervise your debtors.

Improve your teaching quality

Share learning materials, create interactive tests, share scores easily.

Allow your potential customers to reach you

Integrate LangLion with your site, evaluate potential students with auto-correcting placement tests.

Keep the "bookworms" happy

Reserve, lend and monitor return dates of the items from your library.

Boost the satisfaction

Check your customer satisfaction level, gather research results about their needs and opinions, optimize your strategy.

Speed up the cash flow

Offer a quick payment solution and forget about delays.

Customer reviews

We have been using Langlion since the beginning of September 2015 and I must say it is a very complete package for language school administration, so much so that it has taken us a month to really understand how to use it as it's quite complex.
Marcus Carter
Director at Speak your mind Murcia, Spain
We create a school with passion and we give our students only the best. LangLion was the obvious choice for us.
Mikołaj Naczyński
Owner of the Naczyńscy Language School Lubliniec, Poland
We have been using the LangLion platform for well over six months and our students, teachers and staff are all really satisfied with it. The team at LangLion is always prepared to assist us with any questions we might have and when there is an issue, it is solved immediately. The money and time invested into the LangLion has already returned in more ways than one.
Erik Dostal
Director at CA Institute Brno, Czech Republic
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